Monday, January 25, 2010

bound by green silicone

a green ring
from your arm to mine
with a sting
i continue to pine

almost glued to my wrist
you, oh i so miss
ten months it stayed
every single day

removed not even once
over all those months
a bond so strong
how can it be wrong

and then one day
in an unreal way
on it's own, it doffed
when i took my hoodie off

immediate disbelief
but then a calming relief
perfect attendance done
the weight lifted, a ton

still alone and meek
back on the wrist it went
and the very next week
another message you sent

pulling a glove off fast
another gasp
on the floor it lay
as if you had something to say

yet another sign
reminding me, the life is mine
so live strong
and move on